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2014 Gone Too Early Calendar

GoneToo Early Poker Run Project
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Thank you so much for visitng the Gone Too Early Poker Run Project. Let me tell you how this all got started. We got word that Devyn's Charm was looking for a photogrpaher for the day of the poker run, we were very happy to help and are looking forward to the event. But we thought we could do something a little more to help raise some funds for such a great organization. So we got in touch with the folks at Devyn's Charm and told them what we wanted to do. We want to do a bike calandar, no not just bikes, but bikes with local models. We got the approval in no time and we hit the ground running. We got in touch with all of the models, makeup artists and hairsylists we had in our rolidex. Contacted everyone we knew that had a bike, and in six photo shoots and almost 1600 photos we have a completed calander. Just scroll down to check out all 12 months. Now the sales pitch, all procedes from the sale of the calander is going to benefit the Gone Too Early Poker Run Charites, including Devyn's Charm. Were not taking a penny! So for $27 bucks (Plus $6.00 shipping), you get a 11 x 17, metal wire wraped custom press printed calander, on a smooth semigloss heavyweight card stock. Click the link above to order your calander and have it before the event!

About Devyn's Charm

Devyn’s Charm, Inc. was founded with the hopes of channeling our energy into something positive. We wanted her strength, and infectious love of life to live through this charitable organization and bring others hope. Our mission is simple. Devyn’s Charm, Inc. was founded to improve the financial and emotional well-being of families whose children are experiencing extended hospital stays. We fulfill our mission and spread Devyn’s charm in three areas…Relieving some of the financial and emotional toll of extended hospital stays. Empowering caregivers to become advocates for their children. Rallying community support in recognition of the impact of this cause to create renewed sense of hope.

About The Gone Too Early Poker Run

Annual Motorcycle Poker Run hosted by the Sub City Chapter of the Silent Service Motorcycle Club to benefit local and national charities that support veterans groups and children. 100% of all profits are donated. The Annual "Gone Too Early" Poker Run was founded in honor of those "Riders" who never returned home to family and friends, or returned home unable to ride.

Special Thanks

We want to thank everyone that donated their time and resources to make this project a reality.

Breana Miller of Breana Nichols Makup Artistry - Makeup
Krystena Squire of Hair by Krystena - Hair Stylist
Alison Sue - hair Stylist
Jamie Nelson - Grip/Bestboy/Location
Rory Simpson - Location

A Special Thanks to the Models - Bree, Kat, Ashley, Sam, Julie, Lisa, Caroline

To all the Vetrans that donated their bikes and a few hours of time, we salute you.

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